BLISS TOKYO produces and sells accessories using real grasses, trees, flowers and stones.

◇◇Wear nature◇◇

that exist in nature
beautiful in itself,
I feel that I can't surpass the beauty of nature through drawing and expression, so I use nature itself as it is and transform its beauty into ornaments.

Wearing the beauty of nature makes me feel relieved, happy, and kind...

I am making each one while hoping that it will be an accessory that brings out such pleasant emotions.

Meaning of the brand logo

Circular…Like the moon illuminating the world

Nandina (Plant) As the Nandina tree brings good fortune

23 Nandina nuts The number 23 attracts people around you.


TOKYO From Tokyo to the world

It has such a meaning.

Sayaka Abe

Born in Tokyo Graduated from Vantan Design Institute Fashion Department

Art therapy while working at a company,
After studying drawing, he became independent. Launched the BLISS TOKYO brand, which mainly develops accessories using real plants.

Sayaka creates hand-made accessory works by real dried flower petals.
The colors and the materials of the natural living things influence your body and mind to be brighter.