care guide

① Daily care and storage method/precautions

② Precautions for handling natural material accessories

③ Regarding metal allergies

④ Request for repair

① Daily care and storage method/precautions

・All BLISS TOKYO accessories are handmade, and each one is very delicately made.
Since it is vulnerable to shocks and direct sunlight, please be careful about dropping, hitting, and storing it.

・Be sure to remove it during strenuous sports, when handling water, and when sleeping.

・May cause itching or rash depending on your constitution. If you feel any abnormality on your skin, stop using it immediately and consult a specialist.

・After use, carefully wipe away sebum, etc. on the surface with a cloth.

・Avoid places with high temperatures and humidity, and store out of direct sunlight.

・When storing, please put it in a special box so that it will not be exposed to the outside air as much as possible.

② Precautions for handling natural material accessories

・Because it is a natural material, please note that there may be slight individual differences in color, shape, and texture.

・Plants (flowers, grass, etc.) are mainly preserved flowers that are processed and colored in a special way.
It is intended to prevent fading and to enjoy the beauty of plants for a long time, but depending on the method of use and storage, deterioration may progress quickly.
When using, please be careful of impacts.
Please avoid direct sunlight during storage.

・We use an expensive resin solution from a company specializing in resin to increase the strength of the plant.
It may be damaged in the event of a strong impact.
Please handle with care.

③ Regarding metal allergies

・Our accessories basically use surgical stainless steel or 14 gold filled.
These metals are said to be less likely to cause allergic symptoms.
If you wish to use other metals, please indicate so in the remarks column.
(There is a charge depending on the type of metal)

* What is surgical stainless steel?
316L stainless steel is the highest quality material used in medical equipment, and is gaining popularity as a material that is resistant to rust and does not cause metal allergies.

*14 What is Gold Filled?
It is an abbreviation for 14k gold filled and read as "14k gold filled".
It is a material that is coated with a gold alloy such as 14K gold, with a metal core made of an alloy such as brass. It is said that because the coating is about 100 times thicker than gold plating, the gold is hard to peel off and metal allergies are less likely to occur.

④ Request for repair

If the product is damaged more than one week after the date of purchase, we will repair it for a fee.
Please check the flow below.

① Send us a message using the inquiry form, attaching an image that shows the condition (the part you want to request repair).

② We will reply after confirming whether the repair is possible. We will let you know the amount if possible.

③Please check the details of the repair, and if you agree, please transfer the amount to the designated account.

(4) Once we have confirmed the payment, we will contact you by e-mail.
Please send the product for repair to us.

Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. Thank you for your understanding.

⑤ We will repair it as soon as it arrives and return it to the customer within two weeks.

Repair fee 500 yen ~

Please feel free to contact us.

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