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White hydrangea hair clip large

White hydrangea hair clip large

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A hair clip (bance clip) size with white hydrangea attached.


Color…moss green (dull green)
Flowers...white hydrangeas (decorated on both sides)

Center of

Height 4.5cm
Width 9.3cm
Width 4.3cm


Processing real hydrangeas into preserved flowers,
I decorated it on top of a resin mold that matched the vance clip.

Decorate the moss green base with white hydrangeas,
It gives an elegant impression.

I don't need Vance Clips in my busy daily life.
I couldn't find any cute clips.

I decided to make it myself from scratch,
The cute bun clip that I've always wanted is now ready.

Okay! I created this hair accessory with the hope of creating a hair accessory that instantly changes your mood and lifts your mood when you tie your hair up, even if you don't have to put a lot of effort into it.

Make sure that the hydrangea part won't break even if you drop it a little.
However, in order to keep the delicate impression of hydrangeas,
The resin is coated with subtle adjustments.

I hope you enjoy the delicate hydrangea hair clip.

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